Ensuring the digital part of your supply chain is climate positive

Climate Positive website hosting and management

Protecting the environment is everyone’s business and here at Global Bay our Climate Positive Hosting and Website Management services ensure that you have a fast loading, super secure website that has a positive impact on the planet too.

Website Management Services

Your website is key to delivering your brand to a global audience. Our Global Bay webmasters understand your need for total security and the importance of a consistent and reliable web presence.

We use cutting edge software to keep your website safe and secure including website monitoring software. This alerts us to any issues with your website in real-time which ensures our team respond immediately to any threats.

Our friendly and professional UK support team ensure a world-class delivery of your website through monthly security updates. Our team also carry out continual proactive server security implementations which prevent attacks happening in the first place, rather than having to fix them after they have occurred.

Whether we’ve built your website or not, when you join us for Website Hosting and Management Services, we advise you on website performance upgrades, site security updates and other improvement opportunities.


We offer a range of website hosting and management solutions for all sizes of brand including custom packages for websites that are mission critical.

Climate Positive
Website Hosting

Like you, we are committed to running our business sustainably and making a positive impact.

Our Climate Positive Website Hosting service is one of the quickest and easiest ways to reduce your company’s carbon footprint.

Our web hosting achieves climate positivity through a couple of different ways:

Firstly, our servers are run on 100% renewable electricity.

Secondly, both our server providers and Global Bay more than offset our business emissions by planting trees and funding carbon removal projects around the world through Ecologi.

Frequently Asked Questions

Website hosting means the location where the files and data for your website are stored. These can be stored on physical servers or cloud servers. Every website needs to be hosted somewhere for people to be able to access it.

Website management means the work undertaken by software engineers to keep your website fast, safe and secure. This includes installing plugin and theme updates as well as checking that these updates haven’t caused any problems on your website.

Purchasing a hosting plan gives you somewhere to keep your website data and files, but it doesn’t necessarily protect those files from malware or hackers. Cheap hosting plans tend to have enticing monthly deals but often contain hidden charges for SSL Certification and other security add-ons which we include as standard. No one is looking after your website to ensure that it is protected.

Opting for a hosting and website management package ensures that you have a fast, reliable and secure website. The website is hosted and the management means that an expert software engineer updates your website each month with the latest plugin, themes and security updates. This keeps your website fully protected from known threats.

The team that look after Global Bay’s servers is Climate Positive. They achieve this because 100% of their power usage comes from renewable energy sources. If that wasn’t enough, they are also offsetting what their carbon emissions would have been were they not using renewable energy sources AND they have committed to offsetting all of the carbon that they’ve created in the 20 years since they launched their business! Now that’s what we call CLIMATE POSITIVE ACTION! You can view our Climate Positive contribution at Ecologi.

Lots of hosting companies hook you in with a low headline price which is exclusively for the hosting space. However, they charge extra for email addresses, SSL certificates etc. which are essential for running your business and keeping your website secure, so by the end of the year, you can end up paying hundreds of pounds for your web hosting, not the advertised £3.99/month.

At Global Bay we believe in being transparent, open and honest, as well as being excellent. Our packages have no hidden costs. Plus, you get a human software engineer updating your website security every month and testing that your website works after.

We provide everything you need to run a reliable, fast and secure website with no sneaky extra costs, so you can clearly budget for the year ahead and get on with running your business.

Yes. We want to provide excellent value to your business, so if you have more than one website we offer discounts on a sliding scale depending on how many you choose to host with us. Get in touch with us to discover how much you could save.
Global Bay is here to support you as your business grows. You can upgrade your website managed hosting package at any time to suit your needs.

This is a digital image asset that Global Bay provides to you when you sign up to our green web hosting and management package. You can add it to your website to show that your business is making positive steps towards achieving the 2050 net zero carbon emissions target, as well as the UK government’s pledge to reduce carbon emission by 67% by 2030.

No. At Global Bay we pride ourselves on delivering excellence to our clients. After a decade of building websites and website hosting experience, we know that the fastest and most secure websites are managed with monthly security updates delivered by actual humans!

Since moving, our speed rapidly improved and the regular performance issues are a thing of the past

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