Authentically and powerfully connect with your customers of today and tomorrow in the digital spaces they occupy

Digital Marketing

Global Bay’s team of digital marketing experts join the dots of digital marketing resources to create a seamless experience for your customers. With years of experience, our digital marketing experts craft and execute innovative strategies to ensure that your customers powerfully connect with your brand, feel valued and, most importantly, make purchases.

Discover how we can help you below.

We can help you

Launch a new product or service

Expand into different international markets

Engage a new target audience

Maximise the value of existing customers

Develop and deliver an ongoing strategy and action plan

Digital Marketing Cosultancy

Audit your existing digital marketing activities and available resources. Make recommendations for department development and identify growth opportunities.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Based on your business goals and target audience, develop a holistic digital marketing strategy that delivers impactful results


Global Bay can identify and manage suitable influencers for your brand to work with to create authentic, high quality digital content that resonates with your target audience


Global Bay can manage your social media channels including content creation, content scheduling, community engagement, reputation management.


Our Search Engine Optimisation experts design and implement customer-focused SEO strategies which get your website ranking at the top of search engines like Google. Our solutions are responsive to market trends and bespoke to your KPIs, delivering a high return on investment