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Flamingo Jewellery is a luxury jewellery brand that crafts unique pieces according to the classic belief of jewellery: a principle stone, sympathetically designed, formed one by one.

Founder Emily Rogers, began Flamingo Jewellery in 2013 following a 14 year career in the diamond and jewellery industry in Mayfair, London.

Flamingo Jewellery prides itself on its craftsmanship. Their gemstones are chosen by hand, their designs are drawn by hand and their jewellery is made by hand.

Each gemstone is individually selected for its colour, cut and oneness. They trace the origins as far back as possible; most come from artisan mines in Sri Lanka. Some are repurposed from period pieces to be given a new lease of life. All are selected for a reason.

The name Flamingo Jewellery derives from a motif on a Victorian silver cuff bracelet that Emily owns. The beautiful flamingo also symbolises the bold, colourful and unique quality of her pieces.

The Challenge

Over a few years, Flamingo Jewellery had spent thousands of pounds with other agencies developing their website. These agencies did not understand the needs of Flamingo Jewellery’s target market and the resulting website already felt outdated and didn’t convey the luxury quality of FJ’s brand or products.

Flamingo Jewellery approached Global Bay to redevelop their website in order to improve their brand positioning in the luxury market. FJ also wanted to create an engaging user experience that conveyed the value and beauty of their unique jewellery, and ultimately increase sales and enquiries.

The Global Bay team carried out a website audit and identified the following areas for improvement:

  • Poor quality imagery that didn’t showcase the value or quality of FJ’s pieces
  • An old fashioned user experience that looked like it was built in the 90s which didn’t inspire trust with their target audience
  • Design that didn’t articulate FJ’s brand values
  • Difficult to navigate backend making it hard for owner, Emily, to update products and add content

The Project

As with all Global Bay web development projects, Flamingo Jewellery’s new website build began with a Discovery phase.

The Global Bay team worked closely with Flamingo Jewellery owner, Emily, to identify the needs and pain points of her target audience: HNWIs with a focus on men looking to buy gifts.

We also clarified FJ’s brand values:

  • Quality
  • Handmade
  • Timelessness
  • Ethical

Finally, we guided her through a website research process to confirm the brand’s aesthetic: luxury with a hint of vintage.

While developing the website design, the Global Bay team identified the need for high quality visual content in order to communicate the luxury value of Flamingo Jewellery’s products and to elevate the user experience on the website.

Global Bay’s content creation team spent several days filming and photographing each jewellery piece against a custom-built backdrop for use on the website and as digital marketing assets.

The Outcome

In October 2022, Global Bay delivered a brand new website that exuded the essence of Flamingo Jewellery and connected with their target audience through:

  • Beautiful video and photo content that captures the beauty and uniqueness of Flamingo Jewellery’s pieces
  • Visually impactful website that exudes Flamingo Jewellery’s brand and positions it firmly in the luxury market
  • Seamless user experience from first impression to check-out with full e-commerce functionality

As with all of our clients, we look to build long-term relationships and are continuing to track the success of the website. Currently we have seen a 150% increase in monthly web traffic and an 80% increase in website enquiries.

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