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Sofa Magic is the parent company for a number of premium soft furnishing brands including Sofa Magic, Footstool Magic and Bed Magic.

With a showroom and workshop in Bristol, they offer a “Standard Range” of sofas, as well as supplying bespoke sofas, chairs, footstools and headboards to both private customers and corporate clients in the UK and abroad. They also offer curtain, blind and reupholstery services.

Sofa Magic specialise in installing sofas into awkward spaces and locations that are difficult to access.

They have been designing and building sofas for over 30 years and pride themselves on delivering a handmade, quality product made by skilled craftspeople.

The Challenge

Sofa Magic had not updated their web presence for many years and their website was outdated. Despite the high level of craftsmanship that goes into creating their soft furnishings, the branding felt very budget.

Owner, Scott, approached Global Bay in the first half of 2019 to build a new website and overhaul Sofa Magic’s social media presence. He wanted it to reflect the value of their bespoke, handmade products and position themselves as a leader in the premium soft furnishings market.

Sofa Magic had recently completed a couple of large hotel contracts and were working with a few interior designers to provide bespoke soft furnishings to their HNWI clients. They wanted to build more interior design industry connections and elevate Sofa Magic’s reputation within the interior design community to secure further similar work.

For their direct to consumer sales, they wanted to encourage people in the local area to visit their Bristol showroom, but also provide enough inspiration online to generate enquiries from across the UK.

Finally, given their speciality for designing and building sofas for awkward spaces, they wanted to capture the market for bespoke bay windows in the UK.

The Project

As with all Global Bay web development projects, Sofa Magic’s new website build began with a Discovery phase.

Global Bay worked closely with the Sofa Magic team to establish a brand aesthetic that better reflected the premium nature of their products and service.

This style was then cascaded throughout a full website build for the main Sofa Magic brand, as well as an SEO specific landing page for Sofas For Bay Windows to target the very niche audience.

The full website and SEO landing page builds included:

  • 2 days of visual content creation in the form of a photo and video shoot for use on the websites and as wider marketing assets
  • Creation of unique hand drawn graphics, some of which were then animated, to reflect the handmade quality of Sofa Magic’s products
  • An interactive online design process to provide inspiration for customers, allowing them to experiment with fabric swatches and explore the wide range of designer fabrics available before submitting an enquiry form

The social media relaunch focused on executing an organic social media strategy including platform specific content and community engagement with Sofa Magic’s target audience of interior design companies and influencers.

The Outcome

In June 2019, Global Bay delivered a brand new website, SEO landing page and social media campaign that:

  • Positioned Sofa Magic as a premium brand
  • Clearly communicated the quality and value of their products
  • Delivered an intuitive user experience which allowed customers to experiment with sofa design options before making an enquiry
  • The SEO focused landing page for “Sofas For Bay Windows” now organically ranks #1 on Google
  • 3.5 ROI worth of enquiries were generated during the first month after launch
  • 900% increase in Instagram followers

Global Bay has continued to support the Sofa Magic group with content creation and website guidance and development ever since and we are proud of the long-term relationship that we have nurtured.

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